Purim 5777

In less than 2 months, over 190 bomb threats have been called in to Jewish institutions in the United States.

Anyone who thinks that anti-Semitism died with the Holocaust, could not be more mistaken.

The hateful groups who cowardly hide… Continue reading

Pesach 5776

My mother was the person whom I most admired, respected, and loved.  I wanted so much to be just like her – kind, warm, compassionate, caring about every single person she met, Jew or Gentile, who came to her… Continue reading


purimThis week we will celebrate Purim, a holiday that the Rabbis tell us will continue to be celebrated even after the coming of Moshiach while other holidays will no longer be observed.  Why does Purim have this unique quality… Continue reading

Shabbat Zachor


​This year (5776, 2016) the “Zachor” (Remember!) additional Torah reading occurs on Shabbat  of 18-19 March and provides the Shabbat with a special name, “Shabbat Zachor.”

I am a child holocaust survivor who experienced terrible horrors at the… Continue reading

Chanukah 5776 – The Hidden Jug of Oil




The hidden jug of oil that the Macabees found to kindle the menorah, speaks to me to this day on so many levels.  As the sole survivor of my family who had been murdered by the… Continue reading

Choose Life

Rosh Hashana, literally translated as “Head of the Year”, is also referred to as  the Day of Remembrance, when G-d conducts a yearly review of His creation.

My mother’s commandment – “Live, Remember, Tell the World” – propelled… Continue reading

Welcome to the upgraded Live, Remember, Tell the World website!

We are in the middle of celebrating Chanuka, the festival on which we light the menorah every evening. We commemorate the miraculous victory of the small band of Maccabees (only 13 untrained soldiers!) over the huge Greek empire with their state-of-the-art weapons and elephants (the equivalent of modern day tanks). After the battle, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wanted to re-kindle the menorah in the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) and Hashem helped him find a hidden small jug of oil with the seal unbroken that had not become impure. We see the Emuna (faith) of the Maccabees to light the menorah even though they only had a small amount of oil. Hashem performed the famous miracle of the menorah staying alight for eight whole days. Hashem does miracles for us when we invite Him into our lives as the Maccabees did. Continue reading