Shabbat Zachor


​This year (5776, 2016) the “Zachor” (Remember!) additional Torah reading occurs on Shabbat  of 18-19 March and provides the Shabbat with a special name, “Shabbat Zachor.”

I am a child holocaust survivor who experienced terrible horrors at the tender age of 9 ½. I lost my entire family on the Death Marches to a little-known hell named: “TRANSNISTRIA.” In addition to no food nor water rations,  we were treated with incredible cruelty.

How can I ever forget growing up surrounded by death & dying, pangs of hunger, being driven relentlessly to continue to marching through the freezing mud and rain with no shoes and threadbare clothes. How bystanders continued on with their daily activities, indifferent to our plight.

PaintedBirdI was a “Painted Bird” on the run, bearing my murdered mother’s command to “Live, Remember and Tell The World.”

Despite being left in a vacuum, with no pictures, no information, not one item to cling to, as if my loved ones never lived, I am blessed with the ultimate source of consolation and hope. The more I think through my life, the more clearly I see G-d’s hand leading me and providing for me at each and every step of the way.

I urge all who read this to please “do not hate.” Hatred breeds destruction.

We must remember our past and carry it with us as we learn lessons for our future.  We must look to recognize G-d’s hand and invite Him into our lives because He is always there waiting for our call.

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